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Profile of participants

3 or 4 years Bachelor Degree + 3 years international professional experience minimum

5 years International Master Degree with no professional experience

We welcome leaders who do not accept the status quo in the world and who want to break through the dangerously linear formatting of our economic and political thinking and action. Our participants see the need for and want to engage in a transformation towards a more positive and sustainable world.

When you join the 9 months post graduate program at EMLyon, you engage in the design and realization of a prototype of a real solution to a real problem, for real people. This realization takes place in teams of 4 to 5 people, working remotely, and supported by an innovative learning-by-doing platform, with on-demand learning blocks. EMLyon gives you the choice of projects, but corporate teams can of course propose their own projects. Four times during the 9 months there is a block of a 5-days intensive experience at EMLyon (either in Lyon or Paris), during which you will all stay on the campus, together with all kinds of other learners who are part of the EMLyon eco-system. During those weeks, you will work with experienced facilitators from all around the world.